Jan – Mar 2023 Snorkeling Report
April 6, 2023

The water was awesome this winter and spring. The temperature stayed in the mid to high 70’s and the visibility was awesome. The winter brought some windy days so we had to find some hiding spots to get into the calm water. Those spots were awesome too. Ever since the city regulated the amount of cruise ships the water clarity has been amazing, much like it was 30 years ago. Our 50’ Custom Adventure Boat is one of the best around. Since we only take small groups on the massive boat there is lots of elbow room and time to chat with the crew and tell stories. In March the water temperature started to rise a few degrees making it even better to get in the water. Summer is on the way which normally brings smooth clear waters. We offer super affordable private charters too if you want to have the boat for just you and your group. Feel free to call with any questions or just book directly online.