Snuba® Diving, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling adventures in the exotic coral reefs of Key West! Our daily charters and trips allow you to learn how to Snuba and Scuba in the pristine waters of Key West while you’re surrounded by tropical fish.

Go Beyond Snorkeling®

If you want to go beyond snorkeling and experience the world’s underwater beauty in the safest and easiest way possible, try SNUBA®. No dive certification required.

With SNUBA® you can breathe easily underwater without wearing heavy, restrictive dive gear. Discover incredible coral formations and schools of tropical fish as you glide effortlessly under the surface.

SNUBA® is safe family fun, and it’s easy to learn. No prior diving or snorkeling experience is required and the minimum age is 8 years old. After a 15-20 minute orientation during your sail out to the dive site, your professionally trained SNUBA® guide will personally take you on an underwater tour of the beautiful marine environment and have been in operation since 1999.


Snorkeling Trips, Charters and Excursions in Key West. Experience the adventure of a lifetime surrounded by tropical fish in the beautiful Coral Reefs of Key West

Our snorkeling tours allow visitors to experience the undersea wonders of Key West up close and personal./

Snorkeling has always been huge here, and it has a very long history. During ancient times, people used different types of hollow tubes to be able to breathe underwater. These primitive snorkels were fashioned by fishermen, underwater foragers, military types, explorers, and adventurers.

The snorkeling equipment that is used today is much more efficient, and Key West is world-renowned among people that enjoy the activity. Our coral reefs are a major part of the appeal, and they are truly mind boggling. Their vivid colors are stunning, and many people are surprised when they learn that coral reefs are actually living animals.

And speaking of marine life, the reefs attract a vast array of aquatic visitors. When you take one of our Key West snorkeling tours, you will have the opportunity to see more than 500 different species of tropical fish. Coming to the Conch Republic without taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is like passing on the pasta when you visit Italy.

Sunset Cruise

Watching Sunsets is a Key West tradition and what better way than from an awesome 47’ Catamaran.  Many people gather at Mallory Square each evening to experience the majestic sight in the southernmost point of the United States.
The dedicated crew on board is there to make your adventure one of a kind.  It’s a floating celebration with California wines from Napa and Sonoma Valleys, South Florida brewed craft beers, and unlimited top shelf premium cocktails.  Delicious fresh baguettes and various spreads are there for you while you enjoy some lively island music selections, creating a recipe for the perfect evening on the water.

Private Charters 

Get away from the crowds aboard your private boat charter for a maximum of 6 passengers.  You can customize your trip with events like:

-Sunset Cruise

There are two boats to choose from:

-2005 32’ Century w/Twin Yamaha Four Strokes
-23’ Grady White w/a Four Stroke Suzuki

Call to customize your private charter today


SUNSET CRUISE (Craft Beer and Wine) –                $65.00
SUNSET CRUISE (Cocktails, Craft Beer and Wine) – $80.00
SNUBA (Adult)  –         $115.00
SNUBA (child 8-12)  –  $95.00
SNORKEL/RIDER  –    $65.00

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Patrick was amazing and so great with the kids. We had an amazing trip, caught fish, and swam and snorkeled at a private beach! Everything we needed was provided. Patrick was very professional and knowledgeable. We even got to stop and see the dolphins! A must if you’re in the Florida Keys!